Our Founder

Founded in 1971 by Mr.P.W.Perera former Chairman of UNIMED has inspired the manufacturing of surgical dressings in Sri Lanka and the legacy of innovative thinking and researching is the foundation of UNIMED operations. Over the time, UNIMED has spread its wings and has pioneered into bringing superior quality surgical, medical, laboratory equipment to the market. Thanks to the strong foundation established by our founder, we continue to be the pre-eminent medical and laboratory equipment supplier at present. More than forty years, employees of UNIMED come to work each day filled with a desire to make a difference in people’s health and well-being. Commencing in 1971, UNIMED manufactured and marketed the commercial surgical dressings, and they greatly increased the survival rates of patients in hospitals and saved a countless number of lives. UNIMED is a family business and now under the versatile and multitalented second generation management.

Brand Philosophy

We have created a brand name for UNIMED products by looking after each of our customers with an equal amount of care and responsibility providing them with quality products. It is decisive for our success and our brand name has helped prospective customers to recognize us among our competitors. Branding is the source of the promise to our customers and in order for that promise to radiate from every aspect of our company create the structure needs to be succeeded. We have combined areas of proficiency predominantly technological sophistication and self-efficacy to implement brand management for UNIMED Products to reach the pinnacle of success in our business activities. We continue to seek new growth opportunities focusing on entrepreneurial management. We maintain high standards of professionalism in our business dealings and accountability in all our transactions. Behind this unique achievement resting on the clear and lucid thinking of the management and commitment of the staff.

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